Treat yourself to the possibilities by connecting to the Mooncard API.

Mooncard opens its API to you to offer you a complete management ecosystem in your business.

Why connect to the Mooncard API?

Manage your expenses

the Mooncard API provides access to all the useful functions of the software such as reporting, card control, expense notification, data export or even automated accounting export.

Benefit from an analytical follow-up

connecting Mooncard to your ERP allows you an analytical follow-up of the projects by accessing the business codes, analytical codes, types of expenses. An element created in the ERP can thus automatically flow into Mooncard.

Obtain a global view of your cash flow

connecting Mooncard to your banking aggregator allows in particular a consolidated view of the company's cash flow, by accessing accounts and movements.


Mooncard's API allows you to interact with all the solution's functionalities. In particular, you will be able to obtain and carry out transactions relating to:

  • Accounts and account activities,
  • Analytical and business codes,
  • Assignment, activation, PIN code cards Expenses and types of expenses
  • Webhooks
  • User profiles
  • Receipts and supporting documents