SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in data Processing) is a German software publisher that offers a very complete ERP declined in several versions according to 2 criteria: the total number of employees of the company and the sector of activity in which it evolved.

In short, it is aimed at a fairly broad target ranging from large accounts and multinationals to SMEs and covers 3 major management perimeters: accounting management, logistics and human resources. SAP is particularly recognized for its ability to coordinate the various services and departments of the company to improve performance and productivity.

SAP is software that is 100% compatible with Mooncard. Mooncard can be integrated into accounting tools without specific development: the transfer of pre-completed accounting data is automated!

* What does ERP mean? Called PGI in French: Integrated Management Software, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software grouping together several nested modules one in the other allowing to communicate the different functions / departments of the company. This software is integrated directly into the company's information system in order to extract useful data that can be used by the company. Thus the actions carried out by employees from all of the company's divisions overlap to provide information that is accessible in real time to all.