Ciel is software developed to support SMEs in their accounting management. Like most accounting software, Ciel groups together different functionalities which are as follows:

- Entry of accounting entries,
- Editing of the balance sheet and income statement,
- Manual or automatic lettering,
- Bank reconciliation with automation of the processing of bank statements retrieved automatically and in real time,
- Automatic obtaining of VAT declarations

- Simulation and management of loans

- Mailing and reminder of customers for unpaid invoices

The solution developed by Mooncard is efficient enough to integrate perfectly with the Ciel software. Without specific development, Mooncard transfers the collected accounting data and integrates them into the Ciel software in the form of pre-completed accounting entries. A gain in time and reliability for the company.

To optimize the management of its data flow and access exploitable information, a company can equip itself with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or ERP (Integrated Management Software). It is a modular system integrated into the company's information system. Its function is to connect the various functions / departments of the company via software and a common database. More concretely, when an employee of a department carries out an action, it directly impacts the associated departments. Thanks to the ERP, information is updated in real time and accessible to all.