Manage your expense reports with the Mooncard mobile application

No more manual processing of expense reports in Excel. Mooncard is the automated solution for your business expenses from payment to accounting. Using the Mooncard mobile application, you can easily manage your Mooncard payment card and all your business expenses.
It’s simple, it’s efficient and it will save you time.

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Manage expense reports in real-time with the mobile application

The mobile application saves Mooncard users a lot of time at all levels. This mobile experience gives you more flexibility in managing and tracking your business expenses. Follow the clear, intuitive interface to make managing your expense reports even easier.


Pay with your Mooncard card

Wherever you are in the world, across the entire Visa network and for all your business expenses, in accordance with your company’s expense policy.


Take a photo of your receipt

Using the mobile application, take a photo of your receipt. You can then throw the receipt away because it’s digitally archived.


Your expense report is generated automatically

Our algorithms pre-populate your expense report with information about the transaction. You just need to confirm the information!

Configure your company cards directly in the mobile app

Manage your Mooncard corporate card directly via the mobile application.

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  • Track your expenses in real-time

  • Receive push notifications for all your expenses

  • View your card settings and spending limits

  • Add comments and ask your manager questions about an expense

  • Use the application even without an Internet connection

Are you on a business trip?

Find the nearest and cheapest petrol station! With our mobile feature, you can easily find the nearest and cheapest petrol stations even when offline. Choose your petrol station depending on the type and price of its fuel, along with the services it offers. All you have to do is follow the directions!

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Mooncard for better management of your expense reports

Take advantage of a comprehensive expense management solution: a payment card to digitise your expense reports.


A configurable Mooncard card

Each employee has his or her own Mooncard payment card for all business expenses.


Track expenses in real-time

An application to track and manage your expenses.


Easier accounting management

An automated solution for accounting (claiming back VAT, uploading receipts, generating tailor-made accounting entries).

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Increased productivity

Save time when managing expenses and spend it on tasks with a higher added value.


What is an expense report application?


An expense report application is a computer program or mobile application designed and developed to meet business needs. Available on smartphones or tablets, it’s a tool which has been created to make life easier for employees and managers. It’s an electronic solution which is used to manage expense reports which can be difficult to manage manually. With this software, employees can carry out this task efficiently during their business trips.

Why use an expense management application?


Expense reports can be particularly costly for a company. This is especially true when multiple employees are travelling on business. In this situation, an expense report application is a particularly useful tool. This software is a highly reliable solution for optimising the management of business travel expenses. Employees who use these applications enter the information in one go. The risk of forgetting and making mistakes is considerably reduced when using this expense management software. Expense management applications save valuable time at all levels of a company.


Poor management of business expenses or costs may put the company at risk of having to pay very high fines. An expense management mobile tool or software makes it possible to process these expenses without making any mistakes. The different versions of these applications work to prevent fraud and errors. Automating the process in this way makes it more reliable for the company while ensuring that employees who have paid for advanced expenses are reimbursed more quickly. With digital receipts which are digitally stored and submitted, it’s easier to prove business expenses.

What functionalities does an expense report application have?


An application works as a centralisation and automation platform to manage expense reports via a single mobile tool. This solution has several functionalities to ensure that it can play this crucial role for the company’s accounting department. It is designed to cover every aspect of a business travel expense.


Business expense report software or mobile applications can include a variety of features such as:


  • real-time visibility of business expenses,
  • digitised documents as part of the accounting process by making scans or taking photos, using a tool like a smartphone,
  • a mobile solution with paperless software which can be used in any location,
  • efficient archiving of digitised invoices and other receipts for paperless accounting.


This list is not exhaustive as these programs all offer different functionalities. It is important to base your choice on your specific requirements.

What is the best expense report management application?


In an industry which is renowned for the creativity of its developers, several expense report programs can genuinely be considered to be some of the best on the market. Some of these applications, such as N2F, are dedicated solutions and have the benefit of meeting the needs of a large number of companies. However, they do not offer bank cards or payment cards. Not being able to use a bank card, whether virtual or physical, can be a real problem for many companies.


However, with other software like Mooncard, users are provided with highly secure and capped Visa payment cards. In addition to the option of using a bank card or payment card, this is a perfectly configurable tool.

What are the benefits of an expense report application?


Expense report software offers a company several benefits in terms of accounting management, like bank cards or payment cards. It’s a solution which makes it easier for employees to perform various tasks on a daily basis. Using this mobile tool, they can easily enter, send, process and be reimbursed for their expenses. These various operations can be carried out via easy-to-use accounting management software on a smartphone, from anywhere in the world. These applications can be used at home, in the office or on business trips.


For a company, accounting management software has many benefits. This mobile tool helps to lighten the workload of all company departments. It’s also a mobile solution which helps with calculating expenses, expense report audits, analysis and reporting. This is because it digitises expense reports and provides the company with access to more reliable data. In addition to saving time, this mobile application guarantees impressive financial savings and simplifies the accounting process. It is also an environmentally friendly solution which encourages the use of digital receipts. It should also be noted that software isn’t the only option when it comes to digital expense management. To manage these expenses, companies can also opt for a bank card or payment card. Each user will find the right digital solution for their needs. There are new-generation corporate cards and classic cards. Employees also have the option of using a virtual card or a physical card.

How much does an expense report application cost?


The cost of solutions to simplify the accounting process or to digitise expense claims depends on several factors. Some of these tools are freely available. It is therefore vital to base your choice on your needs. To do this, you need to carefully consider the features of the expense management applications on the market so that you can choose the right one for you. To maximise your chances of negotiating the best price, determine your requirements beforehand.


Of course, tools which provide more features, such as digitising receipts or options such as bank cards, will be more expensive. It’s up to you to choose your software solution based on your objectives and your budget.

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