Mooncard virtual card

Offer your employees the Mooncard virtual card for one-off and regular expenses:
a real time-saver that's fully secure.

Carte virtuelle

Independence and time saved for all employees

The employee can request the creation of a card at all times for one-off or recurring purchases. The request is submitted for validation by the administrator/manager.

The card can be customised with specific ceilings depending on the employee’s needs:

  • up to 1 month for immediate expenses,
  • up to 3 years for recurring expenses.

The administrator benefits from advanced settings to manage their employees' permissions and provide them with independence in complete security.

Employees can thus pay for their business expenses simply and quickly.

Your expenses in complete security

Bank fraud represents a major risk. The Mooncard virtual card allows you to efficiently track every payment. Each employee can use it to make instant and secure payments.

  • 1.

    Instant notifications

    For each payment made, you receive real-time notification that facilitates management.

  • 2.

    Reduced risk of fraud

    Reduce the risk of theft or loss. You can validate payments upstream and/or decide on the types of expenses authorised.

  • 3.

    3D Secure technology

    Benefit from enhanced online payment security thanks to the strong authentication protocol.

  • 4.


    Benefit from customisable support and insurance services for free, straightforward use.

Simplified expense management with the Mooncard virtual card

iPhone virtual card ENG-min
  • toggle_on

    Configure cards via the Mooncard interface

  • remove_red_eye

    Track expenses in real time

  • timeline

    Define ceilings in line with needs

A virtual card that is part of a global eco-system

  • Configurable corporate card

    Define the days, amounts and types of expenses authorised.

  • Automated expense reports

    Payment details are reported automatically

  • Complete mobility offer

    Mooncard Mobility fuel cards are 100% multi-brand

  • Accounting engine

    By simplifying the recovery of VAT, our analysis tool can be used to track expenses by type and business code.


What is a virtual card?

The free bank card is said to be “virtual” when it is dematerialised, which means that it is not “physical” like the cards traditionally provided by banks. Accordingly, it allows you to protect yourself against the risks of fraud specific to traditional bank cards. These virtual payment cards have a number, expiry date and CVV code (verification code). While these features are very similar to those of the physical payment card, the virtual payment card can only be used for online payments. Providing employees with a virtual bank card is beneficial, since their business expenses are mainly associated with online services. Whether for air ticket reservations, car rental or a meal with a customer, all business expenses associated with an online offer can be paid for using a free virtual bank card. Digital bank cards are not directly linked to your bank account insofar as the expenses are not debited from your main account as and when they are incurred; these are prepaid bank cards. Banks thus debit the amount of credit prior to transactions, in line with the ceiling defined by the customer.

How does a virtual card work?

Virtual bank cards are used in the same way as traditional bank cards. To make purchases online, you simply enter the card number, specify its expiry date and the CVV. There are two categories of virtual bank cards. The single-use offer is designed to meet one-off needs: buying a new computer, paying for an overnight stay at the hotel, purchasing a gift for a customer, paying for a one-time online service, etc. The digital bank card is initially configured to cover the amount of the planned expense. Once the online payment has been made, the card number is no longer valid. Like the physical version, recurring virtual bank cards are reusable. For example, they can be used to cover employees’ monthly travel expenses, subscriptions to online services, etc. A specific amount can be injected into the free bank card, which is identified via its number. The ceiling may be maintained and renewed automatically, or modified periodically. All digital bank cards are linked to a platform. This means that the company’s finance department can monitor debits in real time, without having to individually validate the expenses upstream. Moreover, there is no need for the bank to intervene with each online transaction.

Where can I use the Mooncard virtual card?

Your Mooncard virtual card can be used online for one-off or recurring purchases (via a subscription). Thanks to your Apple Pay or Google Pay payment apps, your virtual card is at hand for a physical expense.

Are there any risks when using my Mooncard virtual card?

You can make your payments in complete confidence. The Mooncard configuration tools let you customise the card at all levels: amount, authorisation duration, expense type, real-time tracking of purchases and instant notification to the manager. In addition, all purchases are finalised by 3D Secure validation.

What's the difference between a virtual bank card and a digital card?

The digital bank card is issued with a number. This is exactly the same number as that on the physical card associated with the bank account. Unlike the physical bank card, you do not need to have it with you to pay for services and/or products. Since these are two versions of the same bank card, the expenses incurred with both the physical and digital versions are debited from the same bank account. The validity of the transaction thus depends on the availability of sufficient bank funds at the time of payment. The free virtual bank card is not attached to a physical version. It is completely independent and offers improved expense management visibility as it is prepaid. Even if the customer (i.e. the company) does not have the amount required to pay for an online service or product in their bank account, the amount available on each virtual bank card allows purchases to be validated online. It thus represents a free, straightforward and secure payment solution. In short, digital bank cards are systematically associated with a physical bank card, while virtual cards correspond to a bespoke offer, not associated with traditional bank cards.