Mooncard Corporate

The company payment card for business expenses

  • Your automated expense reports
  • Accounting integration
  • Miles with every purchase
  • Safety with Allianz

Optimise the management of your business expenses

Optimise the management of your expenses. Each employee has their own Mooncard payment card for all their professional expenses.


Configure your cards

Entrust them securely by setting limits, merchants, hours of use etc. for each card.

Manage your budget

Spend only the money you have transferred to your Mooncard account. No direct debit is taken from your company's bank account.


Track your spending in real time

With just a few clicks, get an overview of all your business expenses


Increase productivity

Free up the time spent managing expense reports for higher value-added tasks.

From payment to accounting, everything is automated.

Entering your expenses is fully automated.

Pay, your expense report is already filled in. The Mooncard card fills in all the data your financial department needs for its accounting for you. The information is taken from the bank transaction and is 100% reliable. Amount, VAT, proof, place, date. Our algorithms take care of everything.

Flying Blue Miles accumulated with each expense.

Thanks to your professional expenses, you accumulate Miles which are added to your Flying Blue account. So you extend the life of your Miles and you can go on vacation further. 7,000 welcome miles are offered per Mooncard Corporate card. 1 one way Air France in Europe in economy class from 6,000 Miles.

Allianz insurance for your business expenses.

Pay, travel, you are covered by Allianz / Mondial Assistance. Travel and fraudulent use insurance, assistance in the event of illness, legal action, civil liability, theft and loss of card ... All of this is included in your Mooncard Corporate License.

Archiving with probative value of your paper supporting documents.

Take a picture of your receipt and throw it away! Thanks to digital archiving, in partnership with Xellians (SIAF and NFZ 42-013 approved archiver) and Universign, your paper supporting documents are stored digitally and have the same legal value in the eyes of the Fisc and Urssaf.


In summary...

Mooncard Corporate is a solution for managing your employees' expenses in real time. You save time, your employees save time. You save money by easily recovering the full VAT. Your employees earn Flying Blue Miles for every expense.

All our payment cards are linked in real time to the 100% online management application.

Whether it is to monitor expenses in real time, set up cards, manage accounting or even add new users, everything happens via the 100% online management application.

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Equip your fleet of vehicles

Mooncard Mobility


per vehicle / month
+ Subscription on request

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To pay, manage and track the expenses generated by all your vehicles. Mooncard is accepted at 100% of petrol stations, tolls, car parks, recharging points... Choose the closest or cheapest shops.

Your spending generates Flying Blue Miles.
1€ spent = 1 Mile

Option Mooncard Premium

Equip your employees for all expenses

Mooncard Corporate


per user / month
+ Subscription on request

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To pay, manage and track all your employees' business expenses. Expenses can be online, in-store, recurring or one-time, Mooncard is accepted by 100% of suppliers.

Your spending generates Flying Blue Miles.
1€ spent = 1 Mile

Option Mooncard Premium

What is a corporate card?

A corporate card is a payment card made available to employees for their daily business expenses. A corporate card allows all types of expenses to be paid according to the parameters and authorisations defined according to usage needs. Thanks to the Mooncard corporate cards, the management of these expenses is automated from payment to accounting. Employees no longer advance costs for the company and are freed from the mental burden of expense reports. In addition, Mooncard corporate cards allow you to earn Flying Blue Miles for each business expense, which can be used for personal or professional purposes.

How to choose a corporate card?

To choose a corporate card, simply request a demo on the website. An advisor will contact you to present our solutions and help you choose the corporate card that best suits your needs. Before choosing a corporate card, it is important to check that it is a complete solution and that the entire management of expenses is automated. Please note, unlike Mooncard, some solutions do not offer accounting integration and do not adapt to your company's chart of accounts.

Why choose a corporate card? / What are the advantages of a corporate card? / Why distribute corporate cards to employees?

By choosing a corporate card, you optimise the management of your company's expenses. Corporate cards free all employees from the mental burden of expense reports: - employees in the field no longer advance costs for the company and have a secure and configurable means of payment available - accounting is automated: accounting entries are automatically generated and transferred to your accounting software - executives and managers have a real-time overview of the company's expenses and control 100% of this latter The advantages of a corporate card: time saving, productivity gain and tracking expenses.

Is the Mooncard corporate card suitable for all company sizes?

The Mooncard corporate card is suitable for all companies, of which employees have to incur professional expenses. The corporate card is designed for all sizes of business, whether you are self-employed or a manager of a large company. Indeed, its objective is to optimise the management of the company's expenses and to relieve all employees of the administrative burden of expense reports.

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Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to present the Mooncard solution to you and work with you to design a tailor-made quote corresponding to your business needs.

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