Do you spend hours every month doing your expense reports?

Are your employees advancing significant costs?

Are you late for reimbursement?

Are you chasing receipts?

  • A Visa payment card for your business expenses

    With Mooncard, expense claims are over! The Mooncard payment card allows you to pay all of their business expenses. Mileage costs, purchases of supplies, customer lunches or subscriptions: on the internet or in person, all professional expenses are possible. So many expenses that punctuate the activity of your company but whose reimbursement and accounting management represent a significant mental burden for all employees. With Mooncard, it's very simple: at each expense with your Mooncard card, you take a photo of your receipt and it's over. No more re-entering receipts, no more advancing personal expenses, no more chasing receipts... in short, no more wasting time! In addition, digital archiving with probative value allows you to throw away your supporting documents. We make sure you keep your photos and receipts safe in a digital safe. They are electronically signed and enforceable against the tax authorities and URSSAF.
  • Your professional expenses 100% secure

    It is easy to entrust payment cards to your employees when they can be configured independently and remotely. Thanks to more than 60 authorization parameters that can be activated online and in real time on our management application, you are in charge of the cards! Choose ceilings, days and hours of use, authorizations by type of expenditure, manager alerts etc. Mooncard is the assurance of giving your employees a payment card in complete security and serenity!
  • Easy accounting

    As for your accountant, he receives all the information directly in his software in the form of accounting entries without requiring re-entry. Our accounting engine, unique on the market, integrates them at will into your software. Our solution is interfaced with all the accounting software on the market and we copy your chart of accounts so that it integrates perfectly with your tools. Mooncard, frees you from the mental burden of expense reports and transforms your administrative time into productive time for the company.

"Thanks to Mooncard, our accountants are no longer really accountants, they are analysts. They are now business partners."

Alexandre Watine
CFO Egg Events

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