The complete payment solution for the company

  • Automated expense reports
  • Accounting integration
  • Miles with every purchase
  • Allianz insurance

A corporate payment card to facilitate business expenses

A payment, a photo, and your expenses are sent to accounting





Once the expenditure has been made, the employee takes a photo of their documentary evidence (digitally stored with probative value).

The expense report is pre-filled using data from the bank transaction (amount, nature, VAT, etc.) and the recoverable portion of VAT is automatically calculated. These data are 100% reliable and tamper-proof.

All information is sent to accounting, in the form of accounting entries, without re-entering.


Visa payment cards can be configured according to more than 60 parameters of use: merchants, ceilings, days and hours of use ...

Alerts and step-by-step expenditure validation process are available. You can block or activate a card with just a few clicks and instantly.

Thanks to our partnership with Allianz, you and your Mooncard are well insured.


Mooncard is compatible with more than 35 accounting software. Accounting entries are generated according to your settings and your chart of accounts, then automatically integrated into your software.

Thanks to dashboards, you have access to in-depth analyzes of your company's expenses, in real time.

For them, Mooncard won the Moon.

Air France
Zadig & Voltaire

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Equip your fleet of vehicles

Mooncard Mobility


per vehicle / month
+ Subscription on request

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To pay, manage and track the expenses generated by all your vehicles. Mooncard is accepted at 100% of petrol stations, tolls, car parks, recharging points... Choose the closest or cheapest shops.

Your spending generates Flying Blue Miles.
1€ spent = 1 Mile

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Equip your employees for all expenses

Mooncard Corporate


per user / month
+ Subscription on request

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To pay, manage and track all your employees' business expenses. Expenses can be online, in-store, recurring or one-time, Mooncard is accepted by 100% of suppliers.

Your spending generates Flying Blue Miles.
1€ spent = 1 Mile

Option Mooncard Premium

Axe Partners

Axe Partners

Axe Partners was born from the meeting of professionals from international firms, whose culture and diversity of experiences have made it possible to create a multidisciplinary firm. Find out how Mooncard was able to meet their needs through the testimonies of Sacha Ivanovic, the financial director, as well as his accounting supervisor: Philippe Vezinhet.

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Kantys is a young accounting firm specializing in supporting VSEs / SMEs. Mylène Perez, the founder, explains how Mooncard was able to fit into the digital lineage of her firm.

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Egg Events

Egg Events

Egg Events are passionate and creative people who believe in the power of human connection. From planning, design and production, Egg Events organizes innovative and memorable events that form a powerful bond between brands and their target audiences. Discover the warm testimony of the group's CFO: Alexandre Watine.

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Company card, corporate card, business card: what is the difference?

Business cards are classic credit cards configured for deferred payment. The employee can therefore request reimbursement before being debited. Company cards have the advantage of avoiding advance fees because they are funded from the company's account. However, these two cards do not exempt employees from the administrative burden of expense reports. Corporate cards are the best compromise: they are configurable and secure, the employee does not advance expenses, expense reports as well as their accounting management are automated. A time saver for everyone.

How to choose a company bank card?

Company bank cards have many advantages: time saving, cash management, easier accounting... These advantages differ according to the cards and services offered. That's why it's important to analyse different cards carefully to find one that suits your needs. Immediate or deferred debit, expense advance or company account, configuration, security, ease of use and optimised accounting management are important selection criteria. The Mooncard solution includes all the advantages of a professional card: secure and configurable, it automates the management of company expenses from payment to accounting.

Why choose a company card? / What are the advantages of a company card?

The company's employees are required to incur expenses (travel, meals, subscription, etc.) as part of their missions. Managing expense reports related to these expenses is cumbersome, especially when the company does not use expense report management solutions. Therefore, the company card represents numerous advantages for all company employees. The company card, which is practical, secure and reliable, automates the management of professional expenses and allows managers to entrust a means of payment to their employees very simply.

What size of company is the Mooncard solution intended for?

The Mooncard solution is intended for all companies whose employees are required to incur professional expenses. Independent, SME, company with more than 1,000 employees... the Mooncard solution adapts to all sizes and all sectors of activity. Whatever the type of business expenses, Mooncard is the answer to the mental workload related to the administrative management of expense reports and professional expenses.

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