Group 2

Sage uses technology to run businesses on a global scale. This software supports the development of companies of all sizes with its Sage Business Cloud solution combining accounting, finance, integrated business management, human resources and payroll, payments and banking communication in the cloud.

The Mooncard solution is 100% adapted to the technical constraints of Sage. Indeed, the accounting data collected by Sage is automatically transferred and pre-completed.

* Modular system integrated into the company's information system, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) or ERP in French (Integrated Management Software) connects all functions and departments of the company via software and a database common. This allows for an equal and real-time flow of information to employees. The information is updated in real time and transmitted to all employees. Indeed, each action undertaken by an employee of a department is linked to those of other departments. The objective of ERP is therefore to popularize data flows and thus give value to information for the company.