EBP offers accounting, finance, sales management, payroll and CRM solutions for VSEs and SMEs.

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The EBP software is totally compatible with Mooncard which automatically feeds the pre-completed accounting data into the accounting solution. A French business management software publisher, EBP has been serving VSEs and SMEs since 1984.


It offers accounting, finance, sales management, payroll and CRM solutions. EBP offers specially tailored solutions for the building, automotive, sales, real estate and catering sectors. The EBP solution handles the company’s management, covering accounting, invoicing, sales management, CRM, payroll, construction, sales, taxation and business management.



* An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution fits into the corporate information system and adapts to the modules present. It connects the company’s various functions and departments using software and a shared database to convert data flows into usable information for the company. Every action performed by an employee is linked with others: the ERP updates the information in real time and makes it visible to everyone.

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