Mooncard Mobility

The fuel card accepted in 100% of gas stations.

  • 100% of gas stations
  • Easier VAT recovery
  • 100% of fleet management software
  • Miles with every purchase

A multi-brand fuel card for a lean management of expenses.

Goodbye, useless detours. Hello, cost savings.

A free of charge multi-brand fuel card for your business mobility.

100% of mobility expenses

A single card to cover all your mobility expenses (parking, tolls, repair, fine…). 100% of the brands accept your Mooncard, including for fuel (oil sector, major retailers and independent gas stations).

Tip: for an easier use, connect your Mooncard Mobility to your electronic toll collection card.

Earn Flying Blue Miles each time you spend

Your mobility expenses allow you to earn Miles, which will be added to your Flying Blue account. Spending €10 with Mooncard Mobility grants you 5 Flying Blue Miles, which you may use to buy plane tickets, for both personal or business trips.

An easier VAT recovery:

The Mooncard management application grants you access to all data related to expenses, vehicle specific fuel intake and travelled distance required, for all your VAT report and recovery related needs. The recovered VAT rate is therefore optimised.

100% of the fleet management software.

 The Mooncard solution is compliant with all the fleet software on the market. Synchronise your company’s mobility expenses with your other data systems.


In summary...

Mooncard Mobility is a solution for managing your fleet expenses. You save money by allowing your employees to choose the cheapest fuel and you recover VAT more easily. You save time in managing expenses and your employees save time in visiting the nearest brands.

All our payment cards are linked in real time to the 100% online management application.

Whether it is to monitor expenses in real time, set up cards, manage accounting or even add new users, everything happens via the 100% online management application.

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Equip your fleet of vehicles

Mooncard Mobility


per vehicle / month
+ Subscription on request

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To pay, manage and track the expenses generated by all your vehicles. Mooncard is accepted at 100% of petrol stations, tolls, car parks, recharging points... Choose the closest or cheapest shops.

Your spending generates Flying Blue Miles.
1€ spent = 1 Mile

Option Mooncard Premium

Equip your employees for all expenses

Mooncard Corporate


per user / month
+ Subscription on request

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To pay, manage and track all your employees' business expenses. Expenses can be online, in-store, recurring or one-time, Mooncard is accepted by 100% of suppliers.

Your spending generates Flying Blue Miles.
1€ spent = 1 Mile

Option Mooncard Premium

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is a card the company entrusts its employees with to allow them to cover expenses related to gas, diesel or any other type of fuel. As it’s linked to the company’s account, this card prevents the employee from advancing personal money for the company’s sake. Most of the companies provide fuel cards specific to a single brand, which sometimes compels the employee to making detours in order to find the right gas station. Mooncard Mobility is the only multi-brand fuel card allowing payments in all gas stations.

How should I choose my fuel card?

Several criteria should be taken into account before choosing a fuel card:
- The kind of vehicle used: some cards are intended for vehicles running on gas or trucks only.
- The distribution network’s extent: some cards are multi-brand while others focus on their own network. Proper network extent is capital. It should cover the whole country in order to avoid lengthy detours that make you waste both time and money.
- Additional services: some cards include additional services for your drivers, such as parking access, accounting management or electronic toll collection access.

Why choose a multi-brand fuel card? /What are the benefits of a multi-brand fuel card?/Why give out multi-brand fuel cards to the employees?

Choosing to cover your employee fuel expenses by multi-brand card allows them to fill their gas tank in the nearest station. The multi-brand cards may be used all over the country to prevent your employees from making detours, thus avoiding time-wasting and further fuel-burning. The multi-brand card also allows you to choose the gas station with the lowest fuel prices in order to save the company money.

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