Testimonial from Pierre-Henri Deballon, co-fouder and President of  Weezevent

75 employees • over 100,000 organizers • 5 countries covered internationally

"Mooncard has become an essential tool for our teams, which is almost part of the arrival kit for employees who go into the field. They have their employment contract, their computer and then their Mooncard to be autonomous and operational.”

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    Founded in 2008, the start-up Weezevent saw the difficulty that its founders - originally themselves event organizers - had to find a solution offering an online ticketing and registration service. Since its first tests in 2008 and 2009, Weezevent has continued to develop and today offers an innovative, simple, fast and efficient online platform, accessible free of charge, allowing you to create your tailor-made event.

Could you introduce Weezevent?

Weezevent is a ticketing and cashless solution to allow organizers to organize events simply, by offering multiple functionalities such as online ticketing, management of registrations, invitations, access controls, etc.

What were the challenges you faced in your activity before Mooncard?

One of the peculiarities of our profession is that we intervene in many events. We are therefore on the move a lot and there are inevitably a lot of hotel and transport expenses… The management system at the start was a simple Excel file in which we entered our expenses and the number of the bank card of the company that we shared; it quickly became complicated since our company has grown a lot since!

What did Mooncard bring you?

Today, we have around 75 employees and we have chosen Mooncard, an innovative and online solution that has allowed us to easily give a card to different people in the team, with configurable limits and to have dematerialized monitoring and digitalization of all the company's expense reports which makes our life easier, gives a lot of flexibility on a daily basis and in operations for the teams.

All your teams seem to have adopted the Mooncard solution! Do your collaborators wish to add a word?

Emmanuel Ravissot, Chief Financial Officer at Weezevent: With Mooncard we had the opportunity to set up a dematerialized process for expense reports: saving time both for the employee and for the accounting department in the management and processing of expense reports.
Mario Barboza, accountant at Weezevent: The advantage of the Mooncard solution is to see the payments automatically displayed on the screen which makes it possible to record them more easily.
Gregor Einis, Commercial Director: Mooncard has greatly simplified our activity. At each expense, we take a picture of the receipt, we then confirm the items already pre-filled and everything is updated in the solution. Our salespeople have no more files to fill out, no more Excel, no more reporting, and can concentrate on their core activity, the commercial activity.

The final word, what verdict for your use of the Mooncard solution?

Pierre-Henri: I was hard to convince like any business manager because for each new expense one wonders if there is really a return on investment. But today, we will never go the other way again and today I am a fervent supporter of the Mooncard solution. I tend to recommend it to other companies because it's a real solution and it brings flexibility to solutions like ours.

Need more information ?

Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to present the Mooncard solution to you and work with you to design a tailor-made quote corresponding to your business needs.

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