Co-testimonial Sacha Ivanovic, Chief Financial Officer & Philippe Vézinhet, Accounting Supervisor

4 employees • more than 200 clients • 3 years at Mooncard

"Using a Mooncard saves time for our practice. The time savings are estimated to range from a third of the expense report processing time up to 50% of the processing time."

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    Axe Partners is a multidisciplinary firm created in 2011 and born from the crossing of cultures and international experiences. The firm is organized around three businesses: auditing, operational advice and accounting expertise. Focusing on quality services, adapted to clients' needs by combining reactivity, professional ethics and availability, Axe Partners aims to become the ideal development partner for its clients by supporting them at each key stage in the life of their business.

Could you introduce Axe Partners? 

Axe Partners is a young firm created in 2011 with a little over 20 employees in 2020. Today, around traditional offers as you know them - accounting expertise and social expertise - we offer additional offers for structuring projects such as the acquisition, sale of a business or the establishment a management tool, or even an HRIS (Human Resources Management Information System).

What was your experience with expense reports before Mooncard?

Before Mooncard, we were already using dematerialized systems to manage expenses. Everything remained tied to traditional expense report management information systems - there was still a lot to do by hand. It therefore remained tedious to use on a daily basis. We therefore looked for an application that would allow us to truly respond to a field problem, in particular for business leaders who were not necessarily very rigorous in the management of expense reports for their company.

This is where we got to know Mooncard. Mooncard provides a complete solution, where other traditional expense reporting applications did not. This solution is dedicated and comprehensive, it centralizes all transaction information related to the expenditure of the credit card. And above all, it offers us a whole set of functionalities which help us first of all but which also helps the manager to manage his expense reports and expenses.


What was your experience with expense reports before Mooncard?

These added values are found on several levels! First, the use of a Mooncard saves time for the practice. The time savings are estimated at between a third of the processing time of expense reports up to 50% of the processing time. Secondly, it saves time when it comes to reminders of missing supporting documents for the customer. And finally, we have the completeness of bank flows.

What is good with Mooncard is that it can be used with all types of business, from the self-employed who is alone with his Mooncard to a business with 200-300 employees and in which we could have 20, 30, 40, 50 employees with a Mooncard.

As a chartered accountant, which feature do you like the most about the solution?

Our management application decrypts payment information and automatically generates your expense information. Connected to your calendar and your emails, our solution retrieves the latest information (description, guests, etc.) for even more time saved.


Do you have an example of an unusual use of the Mooncard to share with us?

I do have an example in mind. It happened that one of our clients gave a tattoo as a professional gift to their own client. To justify the expense, he had to take a picture of said tattoo!


The final word, how would you describe Mooncard in one word?

Mooncard is a solution that is simple, modern and efficient. Sacha Ivanovic: If I had to define Mooncard in one word, I would say: facilitator (and innovator, that makes two words). Philippe Vézinhet: if I had to define Mooncard in one word, I would say: simplifier.

Need more information ?

Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to present the Mooncard solution to you and work with you to design a tailor-made quote corresponding to your business needs.

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