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Testimonial from Fabrice Marcella, director of the Village by CA Paris

40 major partner groups • Created in 2013 • More than 220 start-ups supported

"The Mooncard card is the ideal payment card for all those who wish to change their administrative time in good time."

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    " Cooperate to innovate" Crédit Agricole's first incubator for start-ups, the Village by CA was born in 2014 with the aim of creating a unique framework for sharing, conducive to the development of new innovative projects via a network of major partners. The selected project leaders can benefit from premises and expert advice (marketing, accounting, HR, legal, strategy, etc.).

Could you present the Village by Crédit Agricole in a few words?

The Village by CA is both a support structure for start-ups from all sectors and a place of open innovation to create synergies between start-ups and large groups.

Is the Village by CA and Mooncard a big story after all?

Mooncard is one of the great start-ups that we selected two years ago (in 2017) to join the Village. We lived two years together. I was able to witness the exceptional growth of Mooncard. Mooncard is today one of the beautiful gems that we had the chance to accompany to the Village.

What were the challenges facing the Village by CA in terms of professional expenses before using Mooncard?

Before Mooncard, the Village by CA was the "real" story. I spent a lot of time identifying all the bills for the expenses that everyone had incurred, I spent a lot of time filing them in chronological order of the expenses incurred. And then my accountant, I imagine, spent a lot of time manually re-entering all these invoices in his accounting tool.
Overall, I estimate this administrative work to be 3 hours of my time to the detriment of my main missions: both the development of the Village, but especially the support of the start-ups that we had selected here.

How did the implementation of the Mooncard solution go?

For me, it was important to involve all stakeholders in the implementation of the Mooncard solution: all the users of the card but above all our accountant, who is at the end of the chain and who had to appropriate the tool. and be reassured of Mooncard's ability to integrate - without specific development - into its own accounting tools.


What did the Mooncard solution bring you?

Mooncard has changed my professional life. No more archiving all the invoices that I had to process at the end of the month.

At Mooncard there are three features that I find really good:

- The first is the SMS that I receive and which reminds me in real time of the need to take a picture of my invoice;
- The second is to be able to track all of my expenses very simply;
- The last is the rather fine configuration, the personalization of each of the team's cards.

Mooncard changed my life, but also changed the professional life of my employees. More flexibility, more agility; no need to wait for me to lend them a card; they have their own payment card. Thanks to this card, they are much more autonomous in carrying out their respective activities.

Need more information ?

Our team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to present the Mooncard solution to you and work with you to design a tailor-made quote corresponding to your business needs.

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