Business trip

Do your employees regularly travel for business?

Do you lack visibility into their spending remotely?

You no longer find your way around multi-service payment methods?

  • Mooncard Mobility: a single card for all your mobility expenses!

    Thanks to our latest payment technology, our Mooncard Mobility card covers all mobility expenses anywhere in the world. Unlike the fuel cards available on the market, Mooncard Mobility is compatible with 100% of service stations, 100% of car parks, 100% of washing stations and 100% of electric charging stations. Stop wasting time looking for the right supplier, drive with peace of mind: you have access to 100% of the networks. Pay with your Mooncard Mobility, take a photo of the receipt and you're done! You can even throw away your proof thanks to digital archiving with probative value. We make sure you keep your photos and receipts safe in a digital safe. They are electronically signed and enforceable against the tax authorities.
  • Real-time monitoring even remotely

    Thanks to our management application, follow all your company's expenses in real time: take advantage of detailed reports, digitization of receipts, mileage tracking, management of registrations, etc. Easily declare your VAT and TICPE : export of readings by vehicle with registration, liter, kilometer, etc. Available in real time! The accounting integration and our expense report module make you a promise: no more re-entering, Mooncard generates your accounting entries and your bank statements.
  • Parameterized and 100% secure cards

    The precise configuration of the card allows you to entrust your employees with secure business cards. You are the one who manages the cards thanks to more than 60 criteria ranging from ceilings, to the schedule of use or to authorized signs. You can even choose to receive a notification for each expenditure made.In summary, with Mooncard, your employees are serene and autonomous on the move and you, you keep an eye on their expenses thanks to our analysis interfaces. Thanks to Allianz insurance on all our cards, you even benefit from a 0 € deductible on rental vehicles! Are you a transport professional, salesperson, craftsmen, merchant or taxi driver? Mooncard Mobility is the solution you need!

"One of the particularities of our job is that we work on many events. We are therefore on the move a lot and there are inevitably a lot of hotel and transport expenses....Mooncard has become an indispensable tool for our entire team."

Pierre-Henri Deballon
Founder of Weezevent

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