Gras Savoye

Gras  Savoye

A leading global consulting, brokerage and software solutions firm, Gras Savoye helps clients make risk a driver of growth. Gras Savoye Willis Towers Waston designs and offers risk management, benefits management, talent support and capital optimization solutions to protect and help institutions and individuals.

With its unique positioning, this company knows how to identify the potential of combining talents, assets and ideas.

By working with Gras Savoye, Mooncard offers its customers insurance and assistance coverage that is broader than that usually provided to corporate payment cards. Thanks to its association with Gras Savoye and Allianz, Mooncard launched the Mooncard X, its card equipped with a personal assistant as well as particularly personalized and developed services and insurance.

Mooncard, with Gras Savoye, provides you with the best insurance advice on the market.