Personalised exports for next-level spend analysis

Alexandre Smadja

New feature: Personalised exports for next-level spend analysis 

Day-to-day spend can be a significant lever for optimising costs, but the time it takes to analyse can often cancel out any gains.

We know how important visibility of spend is to finance teams who use Mooncard, so we asked them what more they would like to see. 

The responses were all… different. 

And so personalised exports was born. 

The Mooncard product and engineering teams worked with our expert account managers to create a feature that caters to each business's unique needs. François, our Chief Product Officer, said: "Every business is different, and how they can optimise their spend will be, too. With personalised exports, we make it even more efficient for finance teams to monitor and analyse the right details, at the right time, to fit their business needs."

With this new feature, details about expense reports can be exported as three different types of export:

  • A simplified export: topline view perfect for daily or weekly monitoring
  • A full export: exhaustive extract of transactions and details for deep diving into the data
  • A personalised export: build the report you want to download by choosing from over 100 different criteria 

If you are an admin user wanting to build a personalised export, the granular options are grouped into 10 broad categories:

  • Expense
  • Accounting
  • Vehicles 
  • Totals and sub-totals
  • Users
  • Suppliers
  • Invoice
  • Purchase receipt 
  • Cards 
  • Meals

With easy-to-construct exports more time can be spent on analysis rather than inputting or sifting through the data to get to the insights. 

Whether it’s internet purchases by time of day, VAT account, and department code; or which department and team members travelled the most by car last month, the export can be quickly produced from whichever granular or topline details are needed. 

Finance teams can have all the information they need in just a few clicks with no manual data entry.

Read more about the feature and find the full list of export details to choose from here.



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