Mooncard and KillBills partner for next generation receipts

Alexandre Smadja

The next generation of receipts is here! Mooncard and KillBills partner to bring users receipts that are rich in data and environmentally friendly. 

We're excited to announce our partnership with KillBills, a leading digital receipts solution in France. By combining Mooncard’s innovative connected cards and expense management software with KillBills’ digital receipt expertise, receipts are transformed from an administrative nuisance and ecological absurdity into a powerful, paper-free tool for business optimisation. 

KillBills integrate their technology with the payment terminal used by merchants, and consumers are not required to download any additional apps or take any additional steps. When paying with a merchant that uses KillBills technology, Mooncard cardholders will be able to access their receipts and expense information directly in the expense report in their Mooncard account. No need to ask for the receipt to be printed so it can be archived for your company’s records - it’s already been sent automatically in a legally valid digital format.

How does it work?

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Your receipts are uploaded with audit-compliant validity and automatically attached to the expense report. The data from the receipt is instantly available to enrich the finance team’s analysis of spend and support the whole business focus on more important tasks that aren’t sorting through paper tickets for expenses.  

Founded in 2021 and fresh from a Series A fundraising round of €4 million, KillBills already has a network of 1000 merchants and will be growing that to over 7000 by the end of the year. Head to to find out the innovation they are bringing to receipts for merchants, banks, and consumers.


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