Why choose Mooncard for your clients' business expenses?
  1. Dedicated free Expert-Comptable access
  2. The receipt of supporting documents is dematerialized
  3. Accounting entries and bank statements are automated
  4. Our solution can be integrated into all accounting software

Multi-company access

Does your activity involve several companies? You have quick access to your various files from the Mooncard space. For each file, you configure the appropriate accounting options. At a glance, you have an overview of all of your customers' activity.


Real-time visibility into your customers' spending

Business expenses are added directly into the Mooncard management application. The fields filled in are adaptable according to your needs: amount, date, VAT, nature, description, analytical code, account code, invoicing etc.

VAT: take advantage of a list of expenditure types already configured for precise control and analysis of purchases. You will be able to aggregate your expenses by defining analytical axes and analytical codes in the software.

Easier retrieval of supporting documents

Finished the race after the supporting documents: Mooncard assists your customers in collecting their expense receipts. For each expense, they receive an SMS to remind them to provide the proof. The reminders are automatic: you can program them remotely and see in real time the number of missing receipts.


Automated and tailor-made accounting entries

Our accounting management application automatically generates your accounting entries according to your chart of accounts and your settings. Without requiring re-entry on your part, the accounting entries are integrated directly into the accounting software of your choice.