Mooncard Premium

The corporate card for demanding managers
A Premium card with exclusive advantages (Concierge service, optimal insurance, boosted Flying Blue Miles).

Enjoy exclusive benefits thanks to your business expenses

24/7 personal assistant

Enjoy the benefits of an exclusive partner network thanks to your Mooncard (access to lounges, travel agency, restaurant and hotel bookings, etc.).

Earn Flying Blue Miles

Earn extra miles for all your business expenses. €1 spent = 1.5 Miles earned.

Increase your payment limit

Customise your limits according to your needs, up to €50,000 per month.

The simplicity of a card, the power of a software

A smart payment card

Simply pay wherever you are, using a virtual or physical card. All expense information is entered into the Mooncard solution. This information is forgery-proof.

Say goodbye to paper receipts

Simply take a photo using your application and send the receipt to your financial teams. The receipts have probative value.

All entries are integrated, without requiring re-entry

Your accountant or certified accountant can access all the information when needed about your expenses and the corresponding receipts. And better still, your expenses can be automatically integrated into any accounting software.

A solution for a multitude of uses

Business travel

Whether it’s a train ticket, fuel, parking or car rental, cover all your business expenses with a single payment card when you travel and send your receipts to your finance teams in one click.

Business purchases

Whether online or in-store, use your Mooncard to consolidate all your business expenses in one software and simplify the financial management of your business.

Exceptional expenses

Whether it's a last minute purchase or emergency situation, adjust the card settings to respond to business emergencies.

Priority Pass

Access more than 1,300 loungesaround the world

Benefit from Flying Blue Miles

Let your team enjoy Flying Blue Miles, the AIR FRANCE-KLM loyalty programme, and travel free on the SkyTeam network.

€1 spent = 1,5 Mile

No more expense advances

Your employees no longer have to spend time managing their expense reports. Saving each employee on average 36 hours a year.

A solution that adapts to your needs


Save time managing your expenses and simplify your accounting.Simplify your daily life and the management of your business


Give your teams more autonomy and optimise their productivity.Increase productivity by getting rid of expense reports.

Large companies

Stay in full control and ensure visibility of your business expensesReinforce your internal spending policy and stay in control of your business expenses.

More than 6 000 companies have achieved the impossible thanks to Mooncard

"Today, we no longer need to advance any expenses. When we travel to an event, we are able to use the Mooncard payment card immediately; everything is nominative and the financial information is transcribed in real time."

Alexandre Watine, CFO
Egg Events

Our payment cards for business expenses


Mooncard Mobility

Pay, manage and track expenses generated by all your vehicles. Mooncard is accepted at all petrol stations, toll booths, car parks, charging points, etc. Choose the closest or cheapest stores.
Your expenses generate Flying Blue Miles.
€1 spent = 1 Mile
credit card

Mooncard Corporate

Pay, manage and track all your employees’ expenses for the company. Expenses may be online, in-store, recurring or one-off, Mooncard is accepted by all suppliers.
Your expenses generateFlying Blue Miles.
€1 spent = 1 Mile
star shape

Mooncard Premium

As well as using Mooncard to pay for and manage your business expenses, why not upgrade to Premium for even more benefits such as a concierge service, boosted Miles, premium insurance, and more.
Your expenses generateFlying Blue Miles.
€1 spent = 1,5 Miles

Find out how Mooncard can help you

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