Office supplies

Do you make recurring purchases of supplies for your business?

Do you have purchase cards without freedom of choice of supplier?

Do you waste time re-entering small expense reports?

  • Buy supplies for your business easily and independently

    Make all of the purchases necessary for your business to operate with your Mooncard payment card. Whether for coffee capsules or technical equipment, your card can be used in all structures, in physical or online. Mooncard ensures that you buy everything you need at no additional cost to the business.
  • A simplified purchase validation process

    Eliminate the purchase validation steps that make you lose productivity and autonomy. Thanks to the Mooncard management application, the manager has 60 parameters to implement the company's spending policy while personalizing the use of the card according to your needs. In real time, it has access to all your expenses and adjusts the limits at any time for optimal monitoring.
  • Automated expense reports for all expenses

    For each expense, you receive an SMS reminding you to take a photo of the receipt and you simply validate the pre-filled expense report! All information is sent directly to the company's accounting software in the form of accounting entries, without requiring re-entry. Ecological bonus: the Mooncard card is recognized by your merchants and the proof is automatically sent in PDF format via our APIs. You just have to throw away your proof: thanks to archiving with probative value, we keep all the information in a digital safe.
  • Simplified accounting management

    Spending can happen in a trickle and irregular manner. They are visible in real time in your application and it is possible to easily aggregate them by type of purchase or group of purchases using codes and analytical axes. Make it easier to keep and track accounts. With one click, the accounting entries are generated based on your chart of accounts and an automatic alert is sent for missing supporting documents. Accounting bonus: VAT lines are automatically calculated!

"Mooncard has changed not only my life, but the lives of all my employees: more flexibility, more agility, more autonomy in carrying out their activity. Mooncard is the perfect card for anyone who wants to turn their administrative time into useful time."

Fabrice Marsella
"Maire" - Village By Crédit Agricole Paris

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