Your accounting is automated
  1. I configure the accounting engine
  2. VAT is automatically filled
  3. My accounting entries are automatically generated
  4. I validate and analyze the data

Professional expenses visible in real time

Les dépenses de l’ensemble des collaborateurs de l’entreprise sont ajoutées en temps réel dans l’application de gestion Mooncard. Les champs renseignés sont adaptables en fonction de vos besoins : montant, date, TVA, nature, description, code analytique, code affaire, facturation…


Integrated cost accounting

Manage your cost accounting by programming the assignment of an analytical object to each expense (analytical code, business codes, analytical axes, department, analytical sections defined by employee, etc.).

We automatically generate your accounting entries by adapting to your chart of accounts and your settings. Thanks to our API connectors, your accounting entries are directly fed into your accounting software.

Reporting of costs incurred by your employees

Thanks to our management application, you get an overview of all your employees' expenses. Our dashboard allows you to precisely analyze the amounts spent and adjust your budgets. So you keep complete control of the costs incurred by your employees.


Automatically reclaim VAT

To eliminate the risk of poor justification and / or non-recovery of VAT (loss of receipts, fraud, monitoring problem, etc.) on your expenses, Mooncard allows you to automatically recover VAT on 100% of expenses.

Take advantage of a list of expenditure types already configured for precise control and analysis of your purchases.