Manage your account in real time
  1. I add funds to my Mooncard account
  2. I configure my employees' cards
  3. I monitor expenses in real time
  4. I validate and analyze the data

Payment cards configurable in real time

Entrust your employees with configurable payment cards: in just a few clicks, you manage rights and change the conditions of use of the cards.

You choose the limits, the schedule of use, the types of expenses. You can even activate or deactivate a card remotely. At each expense you can be notified by an SMS or an e-mail or define an alert threshold. Stay in control at all times.


Nominative Visa payment cards for all expenses

Each employee has their own Mooncard payment card to pay for their business expenses and purchases. He just has to take a picture of his receipt and our algorithms recover all the expenditure information necessary for your management and your accounting.

Professional expenses are complete and your employees no longer make expense reports!


Payment cards that earn you Miles for every spend

It's new ! You can now choose the option to earn Miles. By choosing this option, you offer the possibility of earning Miles to your employees and to yourself of course. For each payment, employees who have entered their Flying Blue number in their Mooncard account will be able to earn Miles for each euro spent as well as a welcome bonus.


Real-time expense tracking

With each payment, you receive an SMS to take a photo of your proof of purchase. In less than 20 seconds your expenses are recorded and their supporting documents are automatically attached! You just have to throw away your proof thanks to the digital archiving with probative value, your receipts are kept safe in a digital safe.


Automated expense reports

Our management application decrypts payment information and automatically generates your expense information. Connected to your calendar and your emails, our solution retrieves the latest information (description, guests, etc.) for even more time saved.


Easy mileage allowances

Enter your mileage allowances in less than 2 seconds thanks to our dedicated module integrated into the management application. The updated scale is applied and your business only has to reimburse you.


Real-time expense tracking

By consulting the Mooncard management application, you have an overview of all your employees' expenses as well as a precise overview of the amounts and types of expenses incurred.


Reliable and automated accounting

All payment data is directly synchronized with your company's accounting software in the form of accounting entries, without requiring re-entry. Save time and increase reliability for your accountant.