Mooncard Minutes: Optimise your workspace

Alexandre Smadja

Back to work and already feeling like you need another summer holiday? This week in Mooncard Minutes we share some simple ways to improve your work environment for increased productivity, wellbeing, and creativity. 

We think you’ll agree, it’s a much better way to spend your time than on expense reports. 


20 minutes

Try the Zero Inbox method


Using a combination of archiving, folders, and filters, this easy-to-apply method helps you prioritise emails more efficiently and keep your email count at a nice round 0.


40 minutes

Assess your desk

Desk and plant

A bad desk set-up is a recipe for long-term health issues. A short amount of time spent getting the ergonomics of your desk right now could save you a lot of time at the physio later. Take this online quizz to find the best set-up for you.

The Mooncard Marketing team would also suggest the perfect desk includes plants. This article has a list of the best low-maintenance plants based on the light and space available at your desk.


60 minutes

Stylish stationery

Some of us still like paper to-do lists, crossing things off is just more satisfying. Bring a little bit of creative joy to your daily notes and learn a new skill with this marble-paper workshop.



See you next week for more ways you can use the minutes you saved with Mooncard.

The Mooncard Team 


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