Managing corporate expenses should be a seamless and efficient process. Mooncard’s innovative technology makes that happen. But we also believe that technology can have the biggest impact when it’s accompanied by humans… enter our Account Management team. 

We sat down with Vadim, one of our Account Managers for the DACH region, to understand more about his role and how he supports companies optimise their spend management with Mooncard. 


How would you describe your role as an Account Manager? 

My mission is to make sure our clients have the best experience with Mooncard and that our solution meets their needs. Companies will see more of me during the set-up and onboarding phase of the product, but I don’t disappear after that! I remain the company’s main point of contact for any support they need afterwards as well. 


What does a typical day look like for you? 

A typical day is very varied, but will always include communication with client companies and our internal teams. For example, I could be onboarding a new company and having an annual review with an existing client in the morning, then scoping a new feature with our developers or liaising with accounting software such as DATEV or BMD in the afternoon. We are continually developing our product, so an important part of my role is to understand and communicate how we can better adapt the product to market needs. 


What can a new company expect from an Account Manager during the onboarding process?  

Once a company has signed up to Mooncard, an Account Manager will get in contact to introduce themselves. The first stages of setting up the product are easy, so unless new clients have questions, we tend to let them go at their own pace and contact us when their account is live. Mooncard is a very adaptable solution so this means that our onboarding support and any training or set-up can be done directly with the client’s real account settings if they want. 


Is it the same onboarding process for all companies? 

No, and that’s something I really enjoy about my role. We work across companies of all sizes and industries, so the requirements are different. In fact, the first stage of the onboarding is a Discovery Call which I use to develop an onboarding plan. In smaller companies it might be the finance team who manages everything, but in larger companies there might be multiple Admins from different departments. If that’s the case, I like to have one call to cover the basics of the corporate card set-up and expense report options with everyone, and then I can split out the topics for the relevant department. I can go into more depth about the approval workflows with the HR department, for example, and check through the accounting codes with the company’s accountant. 


Once a company is onboarded, how do you ensure they have a great customer experience? 

I think the most important thing is that we see ourselves as the voice of the customer inside Mooncard. Every Account Manager has a portfolio of companies so we can get to know them and understand their requirements for the solution. This means we’re more reactive if things do go wrong, but also that we can be proactive about suggesting optimisations or new features that help them manage their expenses even more fluidly. 


What are some of the best practices that you share with your accounts? 

It depends on the stage they’re at, but I would say that when a company is implementing Mooncard I always recommend a training session with the employees who will be using the solution. We have a very intuitive app, but new processes always benefit from a clear demonstration at the beginning. In these sessions I think it’s always good to highlight that when an employee takes a photo of their receipt, they’re saving the company money because now the VAT can be recovered. At between 7%-19% that adds up quickly! 


For companies that have been using Mooncard for a few months, then I recommend taking a step back to check whether the approval workflows are efficient and working for everyone involved. We use transaction data which comes straight from the VISA network, so it doesn't have the same error issues as OCR technology (optical character recognition). Sometimes companies do not need as many checks in place as they first thought! 


Final question Vadim, what do you enjoy most about working at Mooncard? 

The people! As you’ve heard, I work with a lot of different departments and everyone is always professional, flexible, and empathetic. That makes delivering for my clients much easier and very enjoyable. 


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